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Halium, a new effort that aims to unify the Hardware Abstraction Layer for Linux mobile devices that come with Android pre-installed.

It just popped up in my feed today and it sounds quite interesting. The developer wrote on the Halium blog that there's a lot of fragmentation in how different mobile-focused Linux distributions handle Android.

They note the xkcd comic about standards and how they hope it wont be seen as yet another one, they hope these mobile distributions use them instead of their own solutions, which sounds sane enough.

They say that they will include things like the Linux kernel, Android services and Libhybris. They will also aim to standardise the middle-ware used to talk with android daemons to make use of hardware like: OFono/RILd, Camera service, Pulseaudio / Audiofingerglue, GPS, Media codecs.

So it sounds like it will cover a lot and the actual distributions will cover these: Display server, Toolkit, User interface and Applications.

It's in the early stages with it still being designed, so I will track it and keep you posted on their progress as they announce it.

See more info about their plans in this blog post.

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