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Posted by , 29 April 2017 at 5:48 pm UTC / 2792 views
I follow a great many sources for news and one that popped up in my feed is the 'gnome-dash-fix' script. It sorts out the mess that is the GNOME application launcher.

The developer just put out a fresh release which comes with an interactive script, as well as a standard one to do it for you with no customizations. To run them, you need to mark the files as executable, which can be done by:
Right click -> properties -> permissions -> [i]tick[/i] Allow executing file as program.
Or in Terminal like so:
chmod +x

On Arch, I had to run the interactive script with this to run properly:

You will go from this:
To this:
It's not perfect, with a few left out, but it's massively more manageable for those who like things a bit more tidy.

I don't really use categories like that myself, since I was a Unity user for so long I became accustomed to typing to search for what I want. However, some of you might find it useful.
Creak commented on 29 April 2017 at 7:39 pm UTC

Same here, I don't really use the icon list in the dash-view, I just hit Super and start typing two or three letters (e.g. <Super>+fi+<Enter> and I open firefox, I don't even wait to see if it's the right app, I know it will be). I think it's both fast and versatile.

I went the same way on my phone actually, I'm using KISS Launcher for Android. I get any app just typing two or three letters. It's not as pretty as traditional launchers, but it's damn practical.

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Ketil commented on 30 April 2017 at 3:19 pm UTC

The two first revisions of the script does not have the "#!/usr/bin/python3" on top of the file, so you need to run it with python3 The next two revisions has the shebang, so ./ should be enough if it is executable.

I do prefer to use "#!/usr/bin/env python3" rather than /usr/bin/python3 directly in my own scripts though.

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