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hello, and my computer history :P -
lucinos commented on 20 April 2017 at 7:02 am UTC


note: this is "my" computer history, of course not "the" computer history. [It is also not completely precise.]

I will mostly write it as notes.

computer: zx spectrum, 8-bit
monitor: TV (and yes, it had colour)
storage: tapes

I remember gaming and learning some sinclair basic siting on floor at the living room.
No other people I knew had any computer.

until early 90s
computer: pc, 16-bit
os: ms-dos
monitor: CGA/Hercules, no colour just ugly orange
sound: primitive computer beeps
storage: hard disk, floppy 3.5'' and floppy 5.25''
mouse: no!

Very few people I knew had now a computer. Many computers had no hard disk. A friend had a much better computer with nice graphics and colour.
I saw the internet once.
I knew the existence of unix as a legendary way better os but never seen it (unless you count Jurassic park movie)

middle 90s
cpu: 80386 (32-bit)
os: ms-dos
monitor: vga, yes colour again!
sound: yes!
storage: hard disk, floppy 3.5'', cd-rom (not very common)
mouse: yes

windows 3.1 also were quite popular. I did not see any point using them.

late 90s - early 00s
cpu: pentium 1
os: win95, win98, ms-dos
internet: yes, had the beatiful spectrum tape music
storage: hard disk, floppy 3.5'' (already getting more and more rare), cd-rom (very common now, cd-write did exist I think and later dvd but I do not remember having one), usb-1 sticks (strangely this was still quite rare, my computer was the only one that old I know that had usb!)

middle 00s
os: winXP, Linux
monitor: high definition, still CRT
distro: mandrake, PCLOS
de: kde
internet: still slow
storage: hard disk, floppy 3.5'', cd-wr, dvd-rom (if I remember write I could not still write on dvd), usb-2 was now faster and very common.

Linux was introduced to me as a unix system (or unix substitute). That was a legendary name I had not hear for a long time. I was using it mainly for gcc and playing a lot of ksokoban.

late 00s
os: Linux
monitor: LCD (did not buy new computer, just new monitor. Was not really better than the CRT just taking a lot less space and making parents less waring about "radiation".
distro: ubuntu
de: gnome
internet: fast at last

having fast internet made _THE_ big difference for me as a linux user and made it possible for me to consider just using it as my main os. Also it happened that I had problems with windows and since I already had a linux that was doing anything I needed I just forgot about windows.

early 10s
os: Linux
cpu: 64-bit
distro: ubuntu, mint
de: gnome, xfce, mate

using linux was now a "conscious" choice.

2013 -
os: Linux
distro: manjaro, arch
de: xfce, kde

for many years already I was only playing free games, browser games and retro games (scummvm, dosbox). Steam is coming on linux and is changing that... Not using windows for so many years means that I have no windows ties.

oldrocker99 commented on 20 April 2017 at 6:45 pm UTC

1983: VIC-20
1984: C=64
1987:Amiga 1000
1989: Amiga 500
1994: PC with MS-DOS
1995: PC with Win95
1998: Win98
2000: Windows Millenium
2008: Ubuntu 8.04
2009: New PC with Win7, double-booted for a while, then said "to hell with it" and deep-sixed my Windows partition in 2013. 100% Linux ever since!

lucinos commented on 26 April 2017 at 9:31 pm UTC

Two details. I played the first time The Secret of Monkey Island, on that old computer with that horrible monitor no sound and without mouse... (first think I did on next computer was to play again Monkey Island)

When I said that I first hear linux (as a unix substitude) that was a few years before I had linux installed on my computer. Back then I was still on my old Pentium 1, using Win9x and I was also refusing to abandon ms-dos...

oldrocker991983: VIC-20
1984: C=64
1987:Amiga 1000
1989: Amiga 500
in my view Commodore and Amiga is a lot more important in home computer history than Apple and Macintosh
2000: Windows Millenium
2008: Ubuntu 8.04
Have you forgotten WinXP??? Or you are so unfortunate. Also WinME is unsupported from Win9x since 2006 and were already not well supported for years.

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